What Are We To Do in This Most Uncertain of Times?

It is 4.30 pm we are locking up the office doors at the close of another day. We are grateful this month that none of our clients has closed shop because of the coronavirus pandemic. I catch a glimpse of today’s daily and read how another blue-chip company has had to send home over 180 of its core personnel as it struggles to keep afloat.

As I jostle my way into the taxi, I am overcome by a sense of relief that this was not my story this month but on the same token, I am deeply aware that this is not an isolated incident and that ultimately what is happening over there will most likely affect what is happening over here.

Staff layoffs are the most terrifying experiences for anybody, and I mean anybody. It is like being thrown into a pitch dark room and being asked to stay clear of a snake lest it bites you and kills you. The veil certainty has been lifted and the affected and infected become one. We are all naked, we are all afraid, we are all unsure of what the future holds. A study by the national elf services, a wellness group in the united stated liked 1 in 5 suicides in 2015 to employment.

Is this even fathomable?

So the question beckons, what are we to do, in this most uncertain of times?

  1. Dance in the rain. We will need to re-teach ourselves to smile in times of adversity. Let us make music, let us dance, let us tell stories because we are in this together, we might as well laugh and cry together too.
  2. Learn new things. I am trained as a finance person who found a calling in human resources but every day I’ve been forced to ask myself if there is that one thing I could do different what would it be and it pushes me to seek more, to ask more, and to want to be more. Let us be like our children and be curious again.
  3. Say grace, say thank you. These are the hardest words to speak at a time such as this. Even I have challenges saying them. Over the past 2 months, I have endured very terrible happenings and watched what I place my security in a tumble like a house of cards but, every new day is a chance to things new. For 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and even nth chances say thank you.

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