Getting that job is getting harder and harder. So many good people out there, that only the great ones will now get noticed. How do you make yourself great to land the job that you want is now the hundred million dollar question?

Keep it Simple and Honest
Many recruiters want to know about the people that want to work for them. The Bio Data form or your resume will contain your personal information. Keep the data in the bio data simple and easy to remember. That way you will own your story. Be honest about yourself: your passion, drive, motivations, achievements, and disappointments. No one wants to take on a fraud or a fake on their payroll.

Sell your Passion, Skills and Competencies
Skills refer to your abilities to carry out key tasks. Competencies are particular qualities that a company’s recruiters have decided are desirable for employees to possess. In other words how well you carry out your tasks.
Employers compensate for skills and competencies. This comes out in your experience at carrying out activities that the organization considers important for the achievement of its own organizational goals and objectives in your previous engagements. In circumstances where the position being applied for is novel to the organization, recruiters are likely to focus on the willingness and ability of the candidate to learn new things. For this reference may be made to your learning background-academic, previous trainings and certifications or even your passion or desire to be engaged in that line of work.

Dress the part
Recruiters are looking for someone that will reflect the brand of the organization, the culture of the organization…so dress the part. If you desire to be employed as a professional then you must dress as a professional to the interview. First impressions are important and you only get one chance to sell you.

Own the role
Be confident and don’t doubt yourself. If you must be a doctor…own the role of being a doctor, if you must be an engineer…own the role of being an engineer. You are only as good as you aspire to be.

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